The ProSENDR™ is a game changer! The hands and wrists are the GPS of the golf swing and the ProSENDR™ is your road map to rapid improvement. The ProSENDR™ is designed to help you achieve the PRO level swing you've always wanted!

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Sean Foley & David Woods

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"A brainchild of legendary swing coach Sean Foley and David Woods, the ProSENDR has many uses and has been seen all over driving ranges on tour used by top players."

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"From the minds of golf industry leaders David Woods and Sean Foley, the ProSENDR™ is a revolutionary new golf training aid..."

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"Training aids are a dime a dozen in golf, but there’s one new piece of equipment that’s been popping up..."


"The trendy new training aid Rory McIlroy was spotted using, explained..."

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"David joins #OntheMark to demonstrate his (in partnership with Sean Foley) new training aid, the ProSendr..."

On The Mark

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"All about really educating the hands within the golf swing..."

Me and My Golf