Rory McIlroy is seen with a ProSENDR™ golf training aid at The Memorial Golf Tournament.


Rory McIlroy, one of the top golfers in the world, has incorporated the ProSENDR™ training aid into his practice routine. With McIlroy's relentless pursuit of improvement, it comes as no surprise that he is willing to explore new training tools to enhance his game. By utilizing ProSENDR™, McIlroy uses the wrist cradle training aid so he can fine-tune his swing and gain valuable insights into his technique, allowing him to make necessary adjustments and optimize his performance.
ProSENDR™ is a cutting-edge training aid that has become one of the hottest new training aids in golf. Developed by Sean Foley and David Woods, the ProSENDR™ aims to enhance golfers' swing mechanics and overall performance. McIlroy has been using training aid at home during practice and while prepping on the range at PGA tournaments.
The ProSENDR™ is very versatile! You can use the wrist cradle to create the proper wrist condition. You can also add the compression sphere to help shallow the golf club and create better connection and radius, or you can utilize the compression sphere alone with the ProSENDR™ cuff! All on your way to a pro-level golf swing!
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