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From the minds of golf industry leaders David Woods and Sean Foley, the ProSENDR™ is a revolutionary new golf training aid that not only helps golfers of all ability educate their hands and wrists but also incentivizes them to take responsibility for their own improvement.

The ProSENDR™ is one of the only “3 in 1” golf training aids on the market. The patent pending carbon fiber finished wrist cradle and the connection sphere can both be used on their own or together to assist in building a pro level swing. The versatile ProSENDR™ will assist you in building a pro level golf swing!

Athletes are broadly known as having incredible “hand/ eye coordination”. Due to this being one of the most important attributes at the highest levels of competition, the ProSENDR™ design focuses primarily on training your mind and hands to work in a coordinated way resulting in better ball striking!

The ProSENDR™ is one of the only training aids that addresses the importance of training your hands in a manner that still gives you the ability to address the ball without the awkwardness of the hands touching the aid. It also “encourages” you to be in the correct position during the backswing and the downswing while allowing you the freedom to release the golf club into your finish position!

The ProSENDR™ is designed to work for the masses. Some of the greatest ball strikers of all time, including Tiger Woods, have had a very neutral wrist set condition at the top of their swing with a flat left wrist and moderately extended right wrist. This position has stood the test of time as the gold standard for structural makeup of the hands and wrists in most pros. The ProSENDR™ will absolutely give you the tools necessary to create this pro move in your swing!

What does the ProSENDR™ do to promote a PRO level swing?

• Educates your hands to achieve pro level wrist conditions in your golf swing
• Regulates radial deviation at the top of swing to avoid “run off” (wrists over setting and disconnecting from your arm and rotational structure)
• Promotes right wrist extension and a flat left wrist at the top and through transition
• Through the concept of “sensory touch”, it helps encourage accelerated motor skills for rapid learning
• By maintaining contact with the back of the right hand during the beginning of the downswing, the ProSENDR is an incredible shallowing tool, further enhanced while using the attachable connection sphere
• Supports pre-impact (P6) trailing center of mass (club head behind the hand path leading into impact for square strikes)
• The ProSENDR™ non-restrictive design allows the golfer the freedom to square the club face and attain a full release pattern in the through swing
• Excellent for learning the trusted and reliable “handle ahead” chipping and pitching technique
• The attachable wrist Compression Sphere can be used separately or in conjunction with the wrist aid for improved connection and width as well as the necessary forces/ torques applied to the hands which are paramount to great ball striking
• The Compression Sphere can also be used separately for chipping, pitching, putting and full swing!

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